I Used to Work Out 6 Days a Week, and I Haven’t Felt Motivated to Exercise AT ALL Lately

Three weeks. 21 days. That’s how long it be been given that I’ve walked through the doors of my CrossFit gym or yoga studio since I began social distancing with my circle of relatives.

I’m sad. I miss my individuals! I leave out my coaches and my students. Working out with a network of like-minded individuals has been like treatment for me. It’s helped me build my confidence, driven me to be higher and stronger, and filled me with so lots joy. It brings me to tears thinking approximately how much I miss it.
I believe a little broken, like I’ve lost an critical piece of the puzzle that makes me suppose whole. Every day that is going by without this physical and emotional outlet makes me believe a little less like myself.
Yes, I could paintings out at domestic.

I have so a brilliant deal damn fitness accessories and get entry to to workouts my wonderful coaches have been posting online (now not to mention all the at-domestic workouts posted on POPSUGAR Fitness and the Active by way of POPSUGAR app), that I may smoothly keep up with exercising. I understand it would doubtless be brilliant for my intellectual health correct now, then again I simply can’t.

No part of me feels encouraged to get out the dumbbells and sweat. While I recognize I suppose broken from wasting the events of my morning workouts, I think more damaged up approximately what is going on in the global right now with the coronavirus pandemic — and it be just too overwhelming.
I suppose stressful and worried about my health and family’s fitness.

My fogeys are older and I have these terrible thoughts, like will my little ones ever get to hug their grandparents again?

My dad even sent me the code to their secure that has all the advice I’ll want “in case something happens.” Or what if my husband and I both get sick at the same time?

Would my 7-year-old and 9-year-old be able to take care of themselves?

I also fret about my now-9-year-old daughter, Sadie, who had a seizure sickness whilst she became a little one that caused episodes in which she’d stop respiring.

She has a scar on her tiny toe reminding me that she had to wear an oxygen display screen to bed, and I’ll never omit the first time I had to bring out CPR on her even as she stopped breathing at 6 months old.
Thankfully Sadie has been healthy and seizure-free for over seven years, having said that what if she catches the coronavirus and can not breathe?

I lose sleep at evening being concerned and attempting to wrap my brain around this new normal. I also have to juggle working from domestic while homeschooling my two toddlers.

And they just canceled college for the relaxation of the year, so we have three more months of this — per chance longer, because who knows if summer camps will happen. I undoubtedly adore having my circle of relatives home each day, learning in combination and sharing our days, notwithstanding it be hard and a lot to get used to. So loads cooking, dishes, laundry, and cleaning. And attempting to provide an explanation for and implement social distancing among my kids and their pals is a little heartbreaking.
So yeah, I do no longer truly feel like working out right now. It’s the final factor on my mind. And I get so filled with anger when I scroll through Instagram seeing messages like “Follow these advice to avoid the ‘quarantine 15,'” or “Here’s a bodyweight workout, so you have NO excuses,” or sh*t my friends post joking approximately emotional dining or gaining weight with memes like, “I want to train social distancing from my refrigerator.” I do not want this introduced pressure. We are all doing the easiest we can.
I have fun with the posts lightly offering motivation and support, and possibly soon I’ll feel encouraged to do burpees and sun salutations at home, nonetheless now not yet. For now, I simply believe like taking part in the slowness of no longer rushing around to bring out a busy schedule. I’m enjoying this uniquely distinct time with my circle of relatives, trying to live positive, feeling grateful for all I have, baking a LOT, and simply taking one day at a time.